Vegetable farming

The hives

Every year in May and June, swarms arrive and settle on the 35 hectares of the property. In recent years, we have been collecting swarms and settling into hives. The lodge harvests each year a few kilos of honey (coffee’s honey) highly appreciated by our customers.

The kitchen garden

2 places are dedicated to the vegetable garden: in the upper part of the lodge are grown some varieties requiring little space (aromatic herbs, spices, strawberries and raspberries ...) In the lower part, the lodge has 2 plots of one hectare, purchased to install bore holes. These lands have been converted into vegetable garden and provide throughout the year quality vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants, zucchinis, onions, salads, cabbages, carrots, green peppers ...). Fruit trees (lemon, orange, avocado, banana, papaya ...) have also been planted.

The coffee

The area south of the Ngorongoro Crater is renowned worldwide for the quality of its coffee. In Bashay, more than two hectares are planted with coffee trees. Thanks to an automatic irrigation system that guarantees production over the year, we harvest about 800 kg of 'cherry' each year. After treatment, we get about 150 kg of green coffee, or 120 kg of roasted coffee. Since it takes about 10 grams to prepare a cup of coffee, the production of the lodge, over one year, can make at least 12,000 cups!! The lodge consumption is ensured in full.

The henhouse

The barn is located a little away from the hotel part of the lodge. Between 250 and 350 laying hens live in a pleasant environment. Boasting a varied diet (kitchen scraps, green grass generated by the garden’s maintenance ...). That's Bashay (and other MKSC lodges), guaranteed to have fresh eggs throughout the year.